Residents go to Kingswood

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A group of residents and staff have had a fantastic weekend in Kingswood. This trip entailed a variety of activities such as high ropes, Jacobs ladder, canoeing and abseiling. We spoke to the residents before the trip to see which part they were looking forward to the most, they were all excited for their weekend away and had fears which they wanted to overcome!

All of the residents and staff tried activities they had not experienced before, and many completed the ones they were afraid of most. 

Our residents spoke about their experience of the trip and said: 

"This trip had a big impact on my mental health"

"I enjoyed the whole trip, I thought it was brilliant! It was great for team building and this is what I enjoyed the most, there was no competitiveness, everyone just had fun"

"I am so scared of heights and I did the high ropes which I am really happy about"

"I didn't think I would do any of the activities that I did."

Watch the video here.