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YMCA Insync Standards were developed by the YMCA Movement and endorsed by the Charity Commission in 2007.

YMCA Humber made the decision to further improve and enhance quality, monitoring and evaluation processes and signed up to Insync back in April 2009, being accredited with the Insync Standards in March 2011.

There are nine YMCA Core standards which encompass the key elements essential to the delivery of quality services to individuals or communities. In addition there are eight YMCA Service standards relating to the different areas of work in which YMCAs are involved. These standards are detailed below.

The YMCA Insync standards read across to other performance monitoring systems that YMCAs need to work with. The standards have incorporated the Housing Corporation Regulatory Code, Supporting People Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), Foyer Federation and Charity Commission for material and guidance. There is reference to some requirements of the Audit Commission and other regulatory and voluntary bodies.

We aim to demonstrate that we are committed to working with staff and their continuous professional development, ensuring real differences are felt by our members. Insync is a truly meaningful quality framework that is relevant to all work carried out within YMCAs.

You can view a full list of our Insync Standards here.