Success Stories

Success stories

Resident K moved in to the Foyer shortly before Christmas 2017.  K had a health condition which meant his mental health fluctuated and mood swings were extreme.  This resulted in damage to YMCA property and his accommodation being put at risk.  K was aware of his mental health and mood swings, seeking medical help from his doctor.  However, he was unhappy with longer term medication and became very frustrated.

Despairing, K asked his coach for support. Alongside two other residents, K was asked to participate in YMCA’s pilot training and engagement programme. He was enthusiastic and motivated and although grumbled at sessions that challenged him, showed the tenacity to succeed in the programme. He challenged his fears with some activities-he had a fear of heights which he overcame when rock climbing.  He worked closely with team mates, striving to work together on tasks. He learnt that he was fantastic at making a clay cob mixture to build a cob house on the Orchard project, learning that clay was fantastic for your skin! His mood swings started to become less extreme and gradually those around him started to see changes in him.

Resident K moved out in June 2018. Shortly before he moved out he attended an interview for an apprenticeship with a local employer. His mood swings had become very few and far between and he had discovered his own coping strategies to manage his mental well-being. He was in a happy relationship with a very supportive partner. He has since moved into his own property.

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