William’s Story


William’s Story

Before I started the At One project, I did not go out much, I spent most of my time online gaming and having little contact with others. I did have a couple of interviews, but I was not successful. I think that because I could not keep eye contact at interviews this made me look uninterested and so I did not get offered a job. This just led to me feeling even less confident.

When I started to work with my At One counsellor, she made me feel relaxed and I soon felt I could talk to her. Over the weeks that I worked with her, I began to feel more and more confident and I now feel I can hold eye contact when I am in conversation. I was unsure as to how I would feel once the support ended but my counsellor assured me that if I needed to talk to her, I could contact her to check in. I feel much more confident and I am looking forward to getting a full-time paid job.

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