Welcome to YMCA Humber

Transforming Young Lives

YMCA Humber has been part of the community since 1882, providing services for young people in our core areas of work: Health & Wellbeing, Family Work, Accommodation, Support & Advice, plus Training & Education.

Through our strong partnerships with other local agencies and institutions, we support our young people into education, employment or training and help them with health, substance and financial problems.

Our core services also include a range of youth & community work, supported accommodation for over 100 people every night, as well as fundraising activities and opportunities.

We are at the heart of an inclusive community of people of all ages, faiths, cultures and backgrounds. We don’t just provide a bed, we also seek to help a person to gain the skills and confidence to lead independent lives.


Quick Contacts

Peaks Lane Project – (01472) 359621
Foyer Project – (01472) 580550