Angela’s Story


Angela’s Story

Angela was an isolated young woman with emotional issues living alone in Grimsby, she lacked the motivation to maintain an active social life and would spend most of her time at home to avoid social interaction. She aspired to improve her employment, financial and accommodation situation and has said she would like to set up her own business; but she did not feel that she had the confidence in herself to take up such a challenge.

Karen, Angela’s Support Worker, referred her to several projects to try to engage her in activities that could help her build confidence, resilience and self-motivation. Karen commented that Angela had not maintained attendance at any of the previous activities or groups she had been referred to and believed she would be unlikely to attend any session after the first one.

Since joining the At One Project, Angela managed to attend every session. Although she finds it challenging at times, she enjoys engaging and interacting with others on the project. The group sessions helped her to explore body image and what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. During these sessions, Angela found love within another participant in the project, which has bloomed into a healthy and supportive relationship. Some aspects of the group work enabled her to showcase her flair for artwork and she has been able to talk more about her aspirations to set up her own business, which can utilise her artistic flair.

Once Angela’s sessions came to a close, she had grown more comfortable when speaking in the group and gained enough self-confidence to take active steps towards her ambitions of starting her own business; she was successful in her application for a small business grant and is starting to make business plans. She has also successfully enrolled on a full-time college course.

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