Supported accommodation

The formation of YMCA in Grimsby dates back to 1882. Providing accommodation has been a key service of our association since we began. Currently the YMCA Humber provides three accommodation projects which all provide local people with a place to belong, contribute and thrive. At the YMCA Humber, our staff seek to support our residents in a positive, creative and person-centred way. We value our residents and part of our ethos is to be non-judgemental, open and inclusive to all.
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We believe every young person should have a safe place to stay.
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Peaks Lane

Our Peaks Lane hostel opened in 1972 and provides supported accommodation for those aged 16 and above. 


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The Foyer

In 2001, YMCA Humber opened its Foyer on Orwell Street in Grimsby, providing supported housing, based upon a self-contained model, for 26 young people.

Our Foyer Project offers supported accommodation for 16-24 year-olds who are actively involved in education, training or volunteering.

The building boasts of 26 self-contained studio flats with 24-hour support in a university halls style environment.

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Community Housing

YMCA Humber currently manages 5 properties around North East Lincolnshire, 2 community houses, 2 housing first properties and a care leavers property.

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