Kit & Jackson

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Kit and Jackson

“Before I moved to YMCA I was living with a family member, but things went downhill which resulted in me sofa surfing for two months.

I was living at Freeman Street for 10 months before I moved to the parent and baby house, which I have been in for the last 14 months. There isn’t a lot of opportunities around here for housing but because I was already living at YMCA, there was a move on plan in place for me to go straight into the parent and baby house. I did not have to worry about whether I would be able to house my baby or not.

I have received so much support since moving to YMCA, and I want to thank my coach, Charlotte, and my counsellor, Sarah, for sticking with me throughout my pregnancy and my baby’s life, YMCA have been amazing!

YMCA have helped me with budgeting, housekeeping, my mental health and what it looks like to live in your own house. These are the skills which will help me the most in the future because obviously I have a baby to look after, and it’s not easy.

There has also been a lot of support between us girls in the baby house, for example I was going through a rough patch just after he was born, and they helped me through it. It is nice to know that you’ve got someone just down the corridor from you that knows how you feel.

To help with my mental health and wellbeing, I have attended workshops which have been available through YMCA, such as Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, Creative Therapy, the Mental Health programme, 1-2-1 counselling and I also volunteered in the café. All of this support has helped me mature and become a ‘proper adult’.

We are now getting ready to move into our 2-bed house with HumberCare which I am really excited about, I am going to have my own set of key's and everything!”

Charlotte, Kit's coach said, “It has been a pleasure supporting Kit and an honour watching Jackson grow and develop. Kit has shown great progress and maturity since the arrival of Jackson. Kit has fought a lot of battles and overcome them all. Kit has shown her dedication and love towards Jackson and the pair have a very special bond. Myself and all the staff at YMCA wish the pair good luck for the future, and hope they make lots of special memories in their new home.”