Volunteer Kerry is a cut above for homeless young people

February 17, 2017

A HAIRDRESSER from Cleethorpes has been sprinkling a little ‘fairy dust’ around YMCA Humber and ensuring young people are a ‘cut above’ the rest by offering free haircuts for young, homeless females at two of the charity’s housing projects in Grimsby.

Kerry Smith is a 26-year-old mother of two who qualified as a hairdresser in 2008. After seeing a post on social media of a man in America offering free haircuts to those who are homeless, Kerry felt inspired to do the same in her own community.

She said: “I myself have been personally touched by homelessness, I have been there myself as well as friends.

“I felt I wanted to help people better themselves, regardless of the hard situations they are in.”

Kerry feels her project is really coming together with monthly sessions being held at YMCA Humber’s Peaks Lane and Foyer Housing Projects in Grimsby, as well as Salvation Army, CARE (Christian Action Resource Enterprise) and Harbour Place in the town.

These sessions are offered completely free of charge and she added: “It gives me great comfort knowing I am making a difference in people’s lives.”

Kerry spoke of a young lady who came to her for a haircut and she had not seen her mother for over a year, after having her hair done this lady said she had enough confidence to go and visit her mother and has since re-established a relationship with her. This lady felt that the confidence gained from having her hair done greatly contributed to that.

“The look on the ladies’ faces after not having a haircut for so long and being able to have it completely free of charge is amazing,” she stated.

“I feel the sessions are providing an opportunity to build the ladies’ confidence, as well as combat anxiety, depression and loneliness.”

Kerry has been offering free haircuts for females at YMCA Humber since Spring 2016

The service could help these ladies gain confidence to apply for jobs and go for interviews and improve family/friendship connections.

Kerry concluded: “I see my sessions as a sprinkling of fairy dust, it’s giving these ladies an uplifting feeling.”

For more information you can go to Kerry’s website, the Hair Fairy or alternatively visit Kerry’s Facebook page where you can also contact her: The Hair Fairy Grimsby.

Picture: Kerry (right) and YMCA Humber Support Worker Gino (left) at the Peaks Lane Housing Project in Grimsby. (picture by David Pearce)