Anthony showcases artistic talent

May 8, 2017

ANTHONY has been a resident at YMCA Humber since March 2016 and recently spoke at length about his passion for art and how it is something he has wanted to pursue from a young age.

“I remember the day I arrived at YMCA,” he said.

“I sat in the reception feeling not too hopeful and a little out of place.

“But it wasn’t long before I was ushered into a small interview room by a wonderful lady called Diane.

“She had a warm smile and a warm cup of tea waiting for me.

“The interview lasted about 20 minutes.

“I remember having my fingers crossed the whole time under the table.

“I didn’t want to be returning to the street and spending any more cold miserable nights with broken sleep.”

Life-changing moments for Anthony

He continued: “I am pleased to say that this was not to be.

“I was given a room with my own key and a tour of the building.

“It was during my first hour in my room that I decided to do my utmost to change my life, so I would never feel lost and broken again.

“After a week of settling in and making new friends I started to get involved in different activities and projects that were on offer.”

Orchard Project

Getting involved with the Orchard Project at Peaks Lane has given Anthony the opportunity to showcase his artistic talent.

“I joined a committee for an orchard and was made Chair Person.

“I designed the logo and drew up the plans, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

“Art has always been a passion of mine and I spend many hours in my from doing my drawings and sketching.

“It was from this that I am hopefully going to be moving onto pastures new.”

University application

His involvement in the activities and projects at Peaks Lane has given Anthony the confidence to apply for a place at University.

He feels that the support he has received has enabled him to turn his life around.

He stated: “After showing my work to a staff member Ben, he has encouraged me to sign up for a university course.

“I would not have thought about going to university prior to that.

“So I’ve just got to say life can change for the better if you embrace it.

“A big heartfelt thank-you to all the staff and residents at YMCA for helping me and turning my life around.”

Anthony has continued to be involved in the progression of the Orchard Project and frequently manages the project himself.

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