Hannah begins her Change Agents’ adventure

June 22, 2017

HANNAH McMahon, a young support worker from Cleethorpes is embarking on a 12-month adventure with World YMCA as one of their new batch of Change Agents.

She has been involved with YMCA for just over four years now, she started as a volunteer youth worker and eventually managed to gain a full time position as a Coach.

Hannah said: “YMCA is a charity that supports homelessness around young people however the YMCA Humber also deals with people over the age of 25.

“We have different housing options which offers 24 hour support to each person’s need.”

Speaking of how the YMCA empowers young people Hannah added:

“YMCA gives young people the tools they need to show their talents.

“YMCA gives young people opportunities that can, be once in a lifetime opportunities.

“We at YMCA offer the support and guidance for young people who aren’t sure about how to get where they would like to be but they know where they want to be.

“That is where we help with the small steps for them to reach their full potential.”

Hannah spoke of how she is looking forward to training as a Change Agent, meeting other people who are involved in the YMCA and finding out how and why they are involved.

She said: “I am intrigued to know how other YMCA’s work and how they empower young people.

“I am open minded and believe that I can learn from other people all over the world and use this as a positive to the way I can empower the people I work every day.”

Hannah believes the training can help YMCA and help her to continue to empower young people, she continued

“I will share my experiences and how I empower young people with the hope all new change agents can learn from one another and implement this to our own work”

“I am very excited to start my Change Agent journey.”

To learn more about Change Agents and their work with World YMCA, please visit their website.