YMCA Humber granted funding to develop a community space

January 17, 2019

A brand new initiative to tackle loneliness and isolation among young people in North East Lincolnshire will see YMCA Humber take on a three-month project helping young people develop a community space.

The charity has been granted funding to work with local teens to develop the kind of space that they want to see, in order to tackle what has been described as a growing epidemic of loneliness and isolation in young people.

The issue, which has been branded ‘as bad for health as chronic diseases’ by medical experts, affects forty percent of people aged 16 – 24, according to a nationwide survey.

YMCA Humber is one of 145 charities and organisations nationwide which has received funding through the Co-op foundation to deliver a project which will help to encourage young people to find ways of making a community space more accessible for their isolated peers.

The quarter year project will see teenagers taking the lead in developing the project. YMCA Humber Chief Executive Debbie Cook said:

“It’s vital that young people are engaged in any decisions that are taken about them, that’s why we’re so excited about developing a project like this.”

Funding for the project is being delivered by the Co-op Foundation as part of the Building Connections Fund Youth strand, a partnership between government, Co-op Foundation and the Big Lottery Fund aimed at tackling loneliness and improving community connections.

This builds on funding awarded to more than 120 projects in December that included befriending services, community arts groups and support schemes.

Jim Cooke, Head of the Co-op Foundation, said:

“Spaces where young people can come together to enjoy shared interests are important for building connections and tackling youth loneliness.

“By involving young people in improving local spaces, we’re helping to increase their confidence and skills, while also building stronger, co-operative communities. We look forward to seeing the impact this funding has tackling youth loneliness across England.”

For more information on the Co-op Foundation, visit www.coopfoundation.org.uk