C365: Gary Pearson

June 2, 2014

Hi, I’m Gary and at 44, I’m the old man of the group.

So just before I get my pipe and slippers and settle on the settee with a good book for the next 50-odd years, I thought I’d prove to myself (and anyone else who’s interested) that I’ve got what it takes to push myself through 100 miles of mayhem!

Until last year, I’d only done the odd half marathon here and there, but once I heard about “mud runs”, I had to do one! Now that I’ve done one, I have to do more! I completed my first marathon last year too, and was so disappointed to go 4 minutes and 46 seconds (yep, every second counts – and hurts!) over my target that I’m already booked in for another go this year.

A couple of months back, Malcolm asked whether I’d be interested in running the 2015 London Marathon for the YMCA. It’s such an iconic run, how could I refuse? Then when he mentioned the challenge he was doing, I totalled up what I was doing and found I’m only a half marathon short of 100 miles too, so I’ve gatecrashed his group and muscled my way in.

Well, as they say, the more – the muddier, or something like that!

There’s people far better qualified than me to explain about the great work the YMCA are doing locally for our area’s young people, but having seen a little of what goes on over the last year or so as I’ve helped out with a bit of driving for their charity shop, I know there’s a great bunch of people who are committed to seeing those young people believe in themselves and achieve their potential. I feel proud to be able to help out in raising awareness, and would like to help raise some money for them too.

So as I run, walk and crawl through the mud and over those 100 miles during the coming 365 days, please sponsor me and help to continue the great work. I think I’ll be ready for the pipe and slippers!