March 29, 2019

You are invited to YMCA Humber’s next ‘Sunday Shared Table’ at Peaks Lane.
The theme is ‘Best Of British’.
Bring a friend and meet a stranger. Bring a dish and get to share everyone else’s!

On the 1st Sunday of every month we are hosting a shared table event. Family and friends are welcome.

All dishes should be prepared in advance, although the kitchen may be used for final prep and reheating.

We appreciate labels on the food (i.e. Vegetarian, Vegan, Contains nuts etc).

To join the event, simply follow the link below and click ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’.

Click here to join us for a lovely meal!

At the end of the event please remember to take home your bowl, plate, and any leftovers.

For more information on this event, please feel free to call us on 01472 359621 (Ask for Kirsty)