YMCA Team Prove They’re Tough Mudders!

August 7, 2014

A TEAM from YMCA Humber successfully completed the famed Tough Mudder course at Skipton in West Yorkshire on Saturday 2nd August.

The event was part of the bigger Challenge 365 fundraiser, which has been taking place since April, but this time there were ten team members tackling the course, instead of the usual three.

Youth and Community Services Manager Andy Tappin, Trainee Foyer Manager Mark Brewer, Customer Service Officer Elena Doyle and Coaches Will McRae, Danny Steel and Charlie Kurz were joined by Michelle Perry from Oasis Academy Wintringham to take on the 12-mile obstacle course.

The team battled through muddy conditions and crazy challenges, such as ice baths and ‘shock treatment’, working as a team to overcome the various obstacles.

Malcolm Smith, Chief Executive for YMCA Humber, captained the team and spoke of his pride at their achievements.

He said: “I am so proud of everyone’s efforts and even prouder to work alongside such a great team.

“They prove that Tough Mudder isn’t a race it’s a challenge and they put teamwork and camaraderie before their own personal times.

“The team spirit of helping not only our own team but other ‘Mudders’ as well was there for all to see.

“It was also great to see so many people overcome their fears during the course.”

Mark was tackling Tough Mudder for the first time and enjoyed the event so much that he is already looking forward to taking part in 2015.

He added: “I’m doing it again next year, I loved everything about it especially the team work.

“A big well done to everybody who took part.”

A special thanks goes to Oasis Health Club in Grimsby for their support in sponsoring the team, which allowed them to pay for training kits and accommodation at the event.

The team took on the challenge to raise money for YMCA Humber’s Housing Projects in the region. You can support their cause by visiting www.challenge365.co.uk. Photos from the day are available at www.facebook.com/YMCAChallenge365.