YMCA Humber Volunteer nominated for national award

August 12, 2019

Connor, a Volunteer of the finance team at YMCA Humber, helps raise funds for the youth charity’s various projects and has been nominated for a Youth Matters Award for Volunteer of the Year.

From Finance to Fundraising

In 2017 Connor was a resident at YMCA Humber’s Foyer Project where he first became acquainted with the organisation. During his time there, he showed a keen interest in wanting to have work experience with the charity’s finance team. This was a first for the finance team who had not taken on any volunteers in the past, but they were more than enthused with his eagerness and were delighted to offer him a voluntary position on the team.

Connor has now been a volunteer with YMCA Humber for over a year, growing in confidence and independence in his role as a Finance Volunteer. Now living in his own flat, Connor has also been studying BTEC Business, Finance and Media at college and working part time as well as volunteering at the YMCA. In his spare time Connor is a keen runner and was part of the YMCA team who raised funds by running the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10K, managing to successfully run 10 kilometres in 43 minutes! Connor’s aim is to do more fundraising by running a marathon in the future.

When asked about his volunteering experience, Connor commented:

“Before I started volunteering for YMCA Humber, I struggled with social and communication skills and found the thought of working in a small team daunting.

“I now feel the improved social and communication skills, I have gained as a result of my volunteering, have boosted my confidence and I am ready to move forward in my chosen career of accountancy”.

The charity’s finance team assists in Connor’s development by supporting him in learning how to produce sales invoices, enter data into specialised finance software, producing excel spreadsheets and other financial procedures.

Sharon, YMCA Humber’s Finance & Information Manager, commented on her time working with Connor:

“I have seen Connor grow into such a confident individual and become a vital member of our YMCA team. Connor has a great future and a strong work ethic. All of us here at YMCA Humber are proud of him!”

Connor has been nominated for the Youth Matters Award for Young Volunteer of the Year!

To vote for him, click here and vote on the YMCA England website.