Dayna Fashions Out University Chance

November 18, 2014

A YOUNG woman from our Foyer Housing Project in Grimsby has secured the grades she needs to begin a Fashion Degree at Sheffield Hallam University,

whilst also overcoming the family problems that had initially led to her move into supported accommodation.

Dayna moved into the Foyer in April 2013 after a fall-out with her parents following some financial issues; 15 months later she has reconciled with her mother and passed a Foundation Degree in Fashion that allows her to move onto the full Degree at Sheffield.

With the help of her support worker, Fiona, Dayna was able to settle quickly at the Foyer and seek the correct help to make her move into supported accommodation smooth, as well as being able to continue her education.

She said: “I already knew a few people in the project before I moved in and Fiona was very helpful in helping me fill out the paperwork that I needed to do and in supporting me in general.

“Especially during my move to university, she helped me with my finances and also to become more socially active, which has been really beneficial.

“She was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to about any issues, as were night support staff.

“Having 24-hour support in the project is very helpful because it can often be late at night or the early hours of the morning when you are ill or can’t sleep that you are thinking about issues but there is always someone there to advise you.”

Dayna was already studying at Franklin College when she arrived at the Foyer, achieving sufficient grades in textiles, art and English that allowed her to move onto a Foundation Degree in Fashion and eventually university.

“It was a tough course,” she stated.

“There was a lot of hand-on coursework, such as a project in dress-making and another project doing prospective work for the Royal National Opera.

“The final hurdle for me was going to university and I achieved the grade I needed to take a Fashion degree.

“I visited universities in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Lincoln but it was Sheffield that most impressed me – they have the facilities that will make the course successful.”

In between her studies, a chance encounter with a relative led to a reconciliation between Dayna and her mother, which she admits has helped her with the move to university.

She continued: “I bumped into my grandma when I was out one day and she said that she would like to act as a moderator between my mother and myself.

“We spoke and got on better than we had in a long time.

“It was nice to be normal and I actually found out I am going to have a baby sister, which was a bit of a surprise because I have been an only child and I’m now 19.

“But I am looking forward to Christmas because I will be coming home from university for the first time and I am not used to having siblings around, so it will be fun to be opening presents together.”

And Dayna also enjoyed plenty of enriching activities in her time at the Foyer that were a welcome break from her studies.

“I have enjoyed doing the archery sessions with GHoPA (Get Hooked on Positive Activities) and also the trip to Alton Towers we had last October.

“I have made a lot of friends during my time at the Foyer and I am looking forward to staying in touch with them.

“My friends Matt and Shirelle have moved from the Foyer to Edinburgh and they are doing really well, I hope that I can do the same in Sheffield.”