Debbie’s Blog #5 – all you need is a warm heart (warm clothes and a sleeping bag)

November 11, 2019

Having only joined YMCA Humber some 10 months ago, it was my first Sleep Easy event in February 2019. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect and found myself well and truly out of my comfort zone.

My gorgeous daughter with a huge heart and a kind soul (yes I know I’m biased) offered to take part with me. We turned up and at 6pm, along with many, many others started to build our cardboard shelter in the car park at Freshney Place, Grimsby.

Well, talk about lessons learned! We built our shelter (built being a very glamorous word for ‘we shoved some cardboard together and hoped for the best’) in one of the draughtiest, most exposed parts of the car park. It was the coldest night of the year. Snow blew through the car park exterior onto our shelter and we were cold.

Imagine doing that night after night after night.

I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the whole experience; the camaraderie with others taking part in our fundraising event, the keep fit workout to keep warm, the sharing of stories and the laughter. But….my body was cold to my bones and it took me literally days to feel thawed out.

Imagine being homeless and feeling like this, day after day after day.

YMCA Humber is committed to supporting the most vulnerable people in our community and providing homes for those who would otherwise be homeless. But our role goes way beyond putting a roof over someone’s head. Our role is to coach and support individuals so that they can move on to more independent living. Once a person is ready, after living with us for a while, we support the whole process from moving in to moving on. When a person is ready, we help find accommodation, we help people manage their finances, we become the removal people, literally loading up our box van with furniture to help create someone’s new home.

But our box van is broken, and we need a new one and so we’re really hoping that you will join us to raise funds next year on 7th February at our fabulous Sleep Easy event. It’s great for team building and I promise you’ll feel a warm glow (once you’ve warmed up) for a while afterwards, in the knowledge that your efforts, your fundraising, has helped change lives for the better.

You can read all about our event here http://bit.ly/2oJke7N and make your pledge here http://bit.ly/33Lm1bk

All you need is a sleeping bag, warm clothes and a warm heart. Please join us. I promise, you won’t regret it. Thank you!

Best wishes, Debbie