Debbie’s Blog #6 – Reflecting at Christmas

December 4, 2019

Reflecting at Christmas-time – appreciating love, family, friends, a safe, warm home.

I’ve never taken the magic of Christmas for granted. From a very early age, I’ve understood how lucky I was to be showered with gifts, to have enjoyed wonderful food and happy times. I recall as a child being very much aware how hard my mum was working to provide, at times holding down three different jobs.

I’ve always known love, felt very-much loved, been cared for by family and friends. I’ve always had a warm, comfortable home. And it’s these things; love and a home, that I think I’ve probably taken for granted a little more over the years.

I’m just coming to the end of my first year as Chief Executive at YMCA Humber and it’s been this role in particular that has made me value love and home much, much more; and especially at Christmas-time. When you’ve always known love and felt safe and secure, it’s hard to imagine a world without it, but this is the reality for many.

We pride ourselves at YMCA Humber with ensuring that our supported accommodation is as homely as possible. This is much more challenging at our large Peaks Lane hostel, but in all of our accommodation we do our best to provide a warm, safe, homely place.

My memories of Christmases gone by are happy ones, especially since I’ve been fortunate enough to have children. And even though they are grown up now the thing I look forward to the most over the festive period is that precious quality family time; space to be together like no other time of the year.

I’ve realized though, much more over the last few months, that many people do not look forward to this time of the year. For them this time does not hold warm, quality family-filled memories.

I like to think there’s always time in life to make happier memories. And so, if we at YMCA Humber can play a small part in changing a person’s Christmas for the better then we aim to do that. Once a person is part of the YMCA Humber family, then they’re always a part – we’ll never stop caring and we’ll support them as much as we can.

We’re going all out during December at YMCA Humber to run Christmassy activities for our residents; baking, crafting, making decorations, walks in the fresh air, carols and so much more. Our fabulous staff will leave their families at home to come into work to ensure that our YMCA family knows that we care; 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our residents will benefit from wonderful food, warmth and a gift in the hope that they will enjoy this time as much as they are able to. We know that we can’t take away any sadness that some of them may feel at this time of year, but we can provide our residents with warmth, care and support, and opportunities to experience the joy many of us take for granted.

If you want to add to our residents’ Christmas stockings this year please do donate any new/unopened gifts of toiletries, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, beanie hats, PJs, jumpers, mugs, bike locks. You can drop them in at our Peaks Lane hostel, DN32 9ET.

Thank you so much.


Warmest Christmas wishes, God Bless. Debbie x