Enhancing skills for the future

May 8, 2020

Our residents are carrying on with their studies during COVID-19 to enhance their skills and opportunities for the future.

One of our residents at The Foyer has given his permission for us to showcase his latest piece of creative writing. He has been put a great deal of thought and effort towards his coursework during this current lockdown. He is keeping on track with his studies to ensure he keeps on top of his assignments whilst the college is closed.

Recently he has found out that he has already passed his level 1 English, and now he has moved onto GCSE English. He has also been awarded with his Social Skills Maths moving onto his level 1.

The Team at The Foyer are extremely proud of his motivation to keep working throughout lockdown to make sure that he doesn’t become behind with his studies and the fact he is inspired to succeed.

Many of our residents at The Foyer are in full-time education to create opportunities for their future.

Enjoy the story…..

Paper 1, section B – Creative Writing – GCSE English

The colossal ship jumped and smashed its way through the bitter tide, the old wooden deck tatty and splintered. The deck is empty nothing but the sound of the sea, the sail in the wind and the creaking of the timber down. In the brittle cabin lye 4 sailors. All middle-aged men shivering in their sleep as they rock back and forth constantly in their hammocks. Annoyingly woken by a giant wave breaking on the side of the ship the miserable sailors effortlessly pick themselves up and drag themselves up onto the deck and back to their posts. The sea and weather slowly glows and the ship glides along the sea like a bird in the sky apart from there were no birds the bright sun beamed over the sea slowly rising as they hit daybreak the sun sparkling on the water like stars in the sky. The fluorescent orange sky stretches for miles. Then suddenly a ridged rock burst its way through the hollow ship destroying everything in its path the sailors tumble to the floor hitting the deck the crumbling ship rags them about then throws them into the arctic sea.

The waves rushed in and out of the boiling shore of a remote island the sound of birds was abnormal the sky was painted blue with no clouds in sight. The sailors washed up on the black sandy beach. The sea wasn’t where it should be monstrous waterfalls surrounded the island with no way out like a giant hole in the sea and they were at the bottom. Separate islands floating in the air like a magic trick slowly rotating. The hills and the forest were enchanting, and the wind blows and sounds like a sweet melody and the air so humid and thick the smell of flowers overwhelming the island. The deep forest glistened in the sunlight illuminating on the floor like lights from heaven. The plants are hard and bright moving with the wind the plants have legs and glow a bright green like energy is running through them. Deeper in the forest there stands a gigantic tree stood as straight as a soldier and as tall as the empire state the green light was flowing through the tree like a power source its magical, fairy lights dangling down from the trees. Weird noises flew through the enchanted forest.

The animals aren’t like normal animals, they are intelligent in their own way each one is more unique then the other. Transparent deer like creature’s prance through the marshy land on 2 legs and long tail horns the size of a grown man’s hand blue on the inside as it glows like a jelly fish. The birds have multiple eyes sharp claws and clustered wings all the animals under this one tree surrounding a lake. As they drink from it the water its astonishing watching it go through the transparent animals. The moon engulfed the night sky with its bright white light the forest and the animal’s glow like lanterns all the beautiful colours a rainbow on the floor of the forest all the animals harmoniously living together in peace and tranquillity. The babies hopping and prancing about shows the true meaning of family and love with the way they play and are happy together makes you step back and look at life from a different perspective. There were markings on the trees an x with a little symbol after each one was different.

Deeper in the forest stands old relicts and human looking creatures drawn on them. Behind the relicts was a little village the human looking creatures stood at 6ft tall and 4 arms it was a tribe thought to be extinct. Crystals thriving out of the ground and people on their knees around the trees and animals, they pray to them and live amongst them, the animals accept them. their tents all in a row the crystals where glowing blue and green like the animals and the trees the sailors meet them, and they show them their way of life, they pray for animals and nature the trees whisper in the wind. All the families together undiscovered the ground was cushiony; the grass was like a soft fleece the human like creatures where kind gentle people. They are the last of their kind they lived on the island for millions of years, inside the tents where massive compared to the outside it was a whole house in a little tent. They acted like humans, but they were kind-hearted and accepting they cared about each other no fights people living in peace but that’s the difference between here and there.