We are looking for Young Dads to make a positive difference

August 25, 2020

The Young Dads Collective (YDC) works to improve the lives of young dads and their children by tackling the social exclusion that locks out young dads’ potential.

Raising a child is a job most parents would like to do to the best of their abilities. However, it is a job that can become increasingly difficult when you are young and there is no support available from your partner, family, community, and government.

The UK is moving in the right direction in terms of the services and support offered to families. However, young dads are often left out. Young dads are almost invisible in policy, statutory services, and society.

Many young dads are not aware of the statutory support available to them and will not access services like Children’s Centres.

The Young Dads Collective in Grimsby will look at how young dads are accessing antenatal and postnatal services such as midwifery services, early years education and childcare. To help improve accessibility, access to information and young fathers’ engagement.



Young Dads are experts by their experience. As part of the Young Dads Collective they will work with professionals to transform how organisations engage with young dads to overcome the hidden barriers that shut young dads out.

The aim is to make the UK a better place for families, through research, campaigning, and information provision, and working with government, employers and parents to reduce pressures on family life.

As a volunteer you will receive training to gain skills to learn how to talk to professionals about your experiences.

You will meet up with other young dads and work in small groups to share your experiences of engaging with services or trying to access support.


Be part of the project and sign up today for training.

  • Help to encourage more decisive work with agencies to facilitate ongoing positive relationships.
  • Make new friends
  • Develop your personal skills
  • Make a positive difference for other young dads



Contact:                 Debbie Taylor, Project Co-ordinator

E:                          debbie.taylor@ymca-humber.com

T:                          01472 359621